We Need Diverse Books Genre Study 2017-2018

Welcome to the next Forbes Library Staff Genre Study – Diversity!

We’ll address diversity in several genres:

We Need Diverse Books movement

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Literary Fiction Genre Study 2016

Welcome to the next Forbes Library genre study – Literary Fiction!

We’ll break Literary Fiction down into three areas:



Literary Fiction is a Genre


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Romance Genre Study 2015-2016

Welcome to the next Forbes Library genre study – Romance!

Some of the romance subgenres that we will be studying this year include:

In case you are worried, there should be something for everyone as we read through this genre. Check out:

Romances for Those Who Despise Romances – Fiction-L list
Guy-Friendly Romance Novels – Fiction-L list

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Nonfiction Genre Study Meetings

Nonfiction Potpourri –  December 2 10:15 am
Adventure & Disaster
– September 2 10:15 am
Sports & Competition
– June 3, 10:15 am
– March 4, 10:30 am
– December 5, 10:15 am 
– September 10, 10:30 am
History – June 4
True Crime

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Nonfiction Genre Study

Due to the great success of the Mystery genre study, Forbes Library staff will be continuing, this time turning our eclectic reading interests to nonfiction! The following are some of the subgenres that we will be tackling. I will be asking for favorites, and/or ways that we can combine these into something more manageable.
Natural History: Or, A Trip to the Field Museum
Very Far From Anywhere Else: Or, A Rough Guide to Travel Nonfiction
“But Enough About You”…Popular Biography
The Search for Meaning : Inspiration and Personal Change
But Enough About You, Part Two: Memoir
Adventure and Survival
Popular Science: Or, A Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry
History and Microhistory
Food, Football, and Other Fun Reads
Politics and Current Events
Mining the Y.’s
The Animal Kingdom
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What is a genre study, and why are we doing one?

Forbes Library received an LSTA grant through the MBLC:  FY2012– READER’S ADVISORY in the LibRAry: Putting the “RA” Back in Library

According to the MBLC: “This project will provide funds for training staff in the use of electronic and print reader’s advisory tools. It will enable libraries to purchase popular reading collections in multiple formats.  To enhance staff members’ ability to match the appropriate book with the reader, libraries receiving funding will be requested to study a selected genre during the course of the project year. This staff development activity can focus on a genre of the staff’s choice. Libraries in the metro Chicago suburbs have been conducting these studies for many years with excellent results.  The Adult Reading Round Table (ARRT) group includes both professional and paraprofessional librarians who have honed their reader’s advisory skills by meeting every other month to discuss selected genre literature.  Through the ‘praxis’ of engaging library staff in a genre study, their skill level has greatly increased.”

The genre we will be focusing on is mysteries. This was chosen in part due to their popularity amongst our patrons. (The other top two contenders were literary fiction and romance).

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