Nonfiction Genre Study

Some of the nonfiction subgenres that we will be studying this year include:

  1. True Crime (Nov/Dec 2012)
  2. Very Far From Anywhere Else: Or, A Rough Guide to Travel Nonfiction (March 2013)
  3. Natural History: Or, A Trip to the Field Museum
  4. “But Enough About You”…Popular Biography
  5. The Search for Meaning : Inspiration and Personal Change
  6. But Enough About You, Part Two: Memoir
  7. Adventure and Survival
  8. Popular Science: Or, A Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry
  9. History and Microhistory
  10. Food, Entertainment, and Other Fun Reads
  11. Politics and Current Events
  12. Race and Gender
  13. Sports November
  14. Mining the Y.’s
  15. The Animal Kingdom

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